My experience as a landscape architect has been primarily as a designer, ranging from working on projects through every phase, from concept design through to final construction documents. I have knowledge and experience in dealing with storm water runoff,  a broad plant palette adaptable to many climates and strong design skills.

I have completed a course on edible forest gardens with world renowned expert Martin Crawford and offer consulting on the subject. I also have hands on knowledge from my personal forest garden which is now two years old.

Having traveled extensively throughout my life, I bring a breadth of influences to my work. I studied graphic design in England and worked for 14 years in the feature animation industry, at both Dreamworks and Steven Spielberg’s Amblimation Studios. After receiving my Masters in Landscape Architecture over 10 years ago, I have come to understand that all design is connected and the skills and experience I have gained since originally graduating from my bachelor degree enrich all that I do in both design disciplines.

I am a volunteer Garden mentor on Praktisk Økologi’s website and also listed as an expert over at Havenyt.dk and have contributed with an article on how to start a forest garden.

Email:   kaysalesdk@gmail.com

Mobile: +45 52 44 54 92

CVR no.: 34 85 80 04

Kay Sales CV – 2017 Dansk

Kay Sales CV- 2017 English