Polytechnic School

Polytechnic School is a private school in Pasadena, with enrollment from Kindergarten through to 12th grade. The $66 million project on the north Elementary School campus called for a subterranean parking garage, new buildings on top of the garage and all new outdoor spaces with a budget of about $2 million. HMC Architects designed buildings in keeping with the existing Myron Hunt architectural gems and Swire Siegel Landscape Architects was charged with designing new play and gathering spaces for the Elementary School.

I joined Swire Siegel at the beginning of the concept design phase of this project and was able to assist the principal, Ronnie Siegel, with completing the design and continuing through schematic plans to full construction documents. I worked extensively on the final construction documents. The plans were approved by the City of Pasadena and construction is completed. The project is going for Gold LEED certification.

POLY-PART1&2-L-2&3-12-10-09 Part 2-L-2POLY-PART1&2-L-2&3-12-10-09 Part 2-L-2aPOLY-PART1&2-L-2&3-12-10-09 Part2-L-3POLY-PART1&2-L-2&3-12-10-09 Part2-L-3a


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