Forest Garden project

I recently worked with a family who had decided to try a new way of living and bought an old farm in the North of Sjælland. They would like to live more sustainably, work on the farm and produce as much of their own food as possible. So with that in mind, I designed the 4 acres to include:

  • 2 separated field areas for sheep
  • field for pigs
  • wildlife hedgerow
  • a large vegetable garden with composting close by
  • a wildflower/grass meadow for native pollinators
  • an area for bee hives
  • a perennial herb garden
  • an area to grow willow for fuel and basketry
  • ponds for biodiversity and ducks
  • a large edible forest garden

This was just a joy to work on with them and I look forward to seeing how it progresses. Their first item on the agenda was to plant a wildlife hedgerow along the north edge of the property. This created a wind break and also gave valuable protection and food for birds, native pollinators and other local wildlife.