Sales-Schmidt Residence

This garden, based in Pasadena, California, was flanked by other residences incorporating the typical Los Angeles front garden, which consisted of water thirsty lawn, roses and evergreen shrubs.

I chose to plant only low water, native species and found that soon after it had been established, there became a regular plethora of wildlife constantly visiting the garden. From small yellow finches eating the seeds from the native salvias and buckwheats, to ladybirds making sure there were no aphids living around the garden, there wasn’t a day that went by where we didn’t see some native bird, insect or local small mammal visiting our little paradise.

The water use was visibly reduced, due to the irrigation system only being used 4 times a year, once a month over the hottest summer months.

The walking areas used gravel and this led to many seedlings springing up from the native plants. Many were dug up and potted up to be used in other areas of the garden or swapped with fellow native plant enthusiasts.

Many of the plants were sourced from the following plant nurseries:

El Nativo Growers

San Marcos Growers