Children, nature and the city

This is a research proposal for an open topic PhD.

An excerpt:

“This research project explores tackling obesity, nature deficit disorder and play deprivation in urban children by using
nature as the agency of change; connecting children and nature through play in new public spaces inserted within the
living fabric of the city. These natural interventions will work in harmony with the existing green infrastructure and form a
living city plan, representing a system of nature and play initiatives that can adapt and change into the future. By
retrofitting the utilitarian aspects of the public realm to include nature and highlight the natural cycles, they will become
more conducive with the way children naturally play.
Using the schools and existing parks as the nucleii throughout the city, the project will identify places across the public
realm that can be used to link these gathering spaces together, thereby creating “wildlife corridors” for both children and

Children, Nature and the City